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Zhengzhou Institute Of Chiral Drugs Research CO.,LTD  is a professional new pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates manufacturers. We are embrace "for human health, making first-class pharmacy," the entrepreneurial ideals, adhering to the "rock-solid reputation and quality and cheap products is the business of this" business philosophy, down-to-earth to improve technological innovation, improve product quality, Dedication to improve the quality of after - sales service.
Our R&D center by the Shanghai Institute of organic fellow researcher, Changzhou University, Tianjin University, a well-known professor co-founded; company R & D center in addition to the company to provide technical services, but also to carry out foreign technology development services. At present, the R & D center has an area of 1000 square meters, with 23 R & D personnel, including 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 5 professors and 10 masters, completing more than 1,000 kinds of custom synthetic products, involving almost all organic synthesis Types of. In order to ensure the stable supply of new pharmaceutical intermediates, our company has built two production plants in Puyang and Sanmenxia, covering a total of 120 mu, a total of 65 sets of reactor. To adapt to the pharmaceutical intermediates varieties of fast changing industry characteristics, I Company production workshop are multi-functional workshop, steam, high and low temperature, high and low pressure, high vacuum, general vacuum and other public works facilities.
Zhengzhou Institute Of Chiral Drugs Research CO.,LTD is committed to the global pharmaceutical industry to provide new pharmaceutical intermediates services. Our vision is to build an efficient, high-quality new pharmaceutical intermediates industrialization   platform, so that our customers can be faster and better clinical medicine. The future, we will be in accordance with international and professional management model, adhere to the people-oriented and domestic counterparts side by side, for the global development of new drugs contribute more power.


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