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2-Chloronicotinic acid
CAS :  2942-59-8
Usage: 2-chloronicotinic acid is an important intermediate for the production of nicosulfuron, using the latest technology, can greatly reduce the cost of nicosulfuron to improve the production and quality o
CAS :  122931-48-0
Usage: For the control of annual or perennial grasses and broad leaf weeds in maize fields, especially for early use of annual weed shoots for maize and potato weeding
CAS :  1229194-11-9
Usage: Intermediates of Edoxaban
Mesosulfuron methyl
CAS :  208465-21-8
Usage: As a sulfonylurea herbicide, Mesosulfuron methyl Was applicable to soft type and semi-rigid type used in winter wheat varieties.
CAS :  221667-31-8
Usage: Cyprosulfamide" as an unnamed plant growth regulator, It can stimulate the secretion of maize GST in the kinase GST by coupling into maize to reduce the injury of nicosulfuron. With the nicosulfu
CAS :  163520-33-0
Usage: Isoxadifen-ethyl Which Was Reduce or eliminate the herbicide phytotoxicity of crops fertilizer, also known as herbicide safety agent.

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